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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some of the more common flooring installation questions we receive. Please use the small navigation arrows to move to the next item.

Q:How long will I have to wait for my carpet after
I place an order?
A:Typically it will take about 7-10 working days.However there are exceptions. In isolated cases we can expedite the orders. If your carpet is made by a mill from California, rush orders are available. In addition, if your carpet is custom or from a smaller mill order times may take longer.Check with your sales representative.
Q:How do I maintain my floor after it has been installed?
A:Please visit the floor care section of our website for care and maintenance information for many types of floors.
Q:Will I see the seams in my new carpet?
A:In most cases you will see the seams in carpet that has just been installed. This can be due to the following reasons; When carpet is shipped it is compressed and needs time to 'pop' up.It also needs to pick up the moisture conditions of your home, this can take up to two months.Frequent vacuuming is recommended. This is also affected by the type of carpet installed, please check with your sales representative for more information.
Q:How long is my floor warranted for?
A:IThe product warranty depends on the specific type of floor. For specific warranty information please check with your sales representative. Our installation work is generally warranted for two years unless otherwise specified. Please check with a Renaissance Flooring associate for details.