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Frequently Asked Questions

Before our installers arrive, please double-check the following guidelines to ensure your home is ready for the trouble free installation of your new floor covering.

Door Cutting

Our installers will gladly remove hinged doors and replace them after your flooring is installed. If however, your new flooring is thicker than your old flooring, the doors will need trimming for proper clearance. In this instance the doors will be left off their hinges so you can trim the doors.


Baseboard moldings, in most flooring installations, can be left in place. Our installers will work with the molding, but cannot be responsible for breakage and scratches.

Color Changes and Shading

Many of today's high luster fabrics display a light or dark shade difference in color depending on the direction the carpet is laid in the room. If there is enough carpet, ask your installer before he makes his cuts to show you how the carpet might look both ways.

Pattern Matching

Due to the nature of the flooring manufacturing process, most print and multi-tone patterns are impossible to match up exactly by color and print. Many of these styles will require additional yardage to achieve the closest match possible.


If your installation requires sanding, it is a good idea to cover all cupboards and furniture in adjacent rooms. If a lot of sanding is to be done, you may want to seal off the room with plastic. Ask your Renaissance Flooring sales representative for details if this is going to be the case.

Warmth & Space Please

Our installers will work in areas other than the room(s) being laid with new flooring to prepare and store the new floor covering during installation. Typically, this will be a garage, patio, or carport. Please be sure there is electricity and the temperature is at least 65 degrees in the rooms to be installed.

Material Waste

Every installation has material waste; these leftover pieces are most common in irregular rooms, or when stairs and halls are covered.

Carpet Seams

In order to properly install your new flooring, cutting and seaming are quite common. Today's heat-bonded seams are as strong as the rest of the carpet; however the seams themselves are not invisible. Our installers take great pride in their finished work and will always do their best in making the seams as inconspicuous as possible.